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dotfile locking, NFS and lockd


Quite some time ago (somewhere around debian 1.1 and 1.2), it was pointed
out (by Miquel Smoorenburg, I think) that while all debian programs
(or all mail related programs?) agree in using dotfile locking, many of
them used the "wrong" function to implement that, since the commonly used
function is not atomic over NFS (meaning locking could fail over NFS on a
busy machine).

So, I'd like to know the status of that; is this solved in 1.3.1? What
about 1.2 (I haven't upgraded yet, I'm lazy ;-) . Or, putting it
differently: can I export my mail spool thru NFS and sleep at night if
all systems involved run debian?

On the same line, I think the new (2.1.x) kernel-supported NFS server is
supposed to have the hooks necessary to implement a really cool lockd for
linux which would solve this kind of problem and allow for reliable NFS
locking among linux and other Unixes etc. Quite misteriously, I don't see
mentions to this when people talk about the improvements of the new
kernels, why is that? And is the lockd really being developed? If so,
should I expect it to be available when the newer kernel "freezes"?

Thanks in Advance,
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