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Re: Formating a ftape tape?

On 10 Mar, Graham Lillico +44 1785 248131 wrote:
>>> Is there any way to format a Qic-80 tape on a ftape device?  I don't
>>> feel like rebooting to Win95 just to do this. I know I can use mt to
>>> 'erase' the tape but that just erases the header on the tape.  
> As far as I am aware then you can not use Linux to format these tapes,  this
> may of course depend on what tape drive you are using, I used a dos based tape
> formatting program to do my tapes with, I think you can format them using
> dosemu but I'm not sure.  
> But checkout the ftape howto that may answer you question better than I can.
> Graham

Sorry, I should have checked the HOWTO first, jeez...

  4.8.  Can I format my tapes under Linux?


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