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Re: netscape 4.04 fonts

Dave Mallery <dmallery@cia-g.com> writes:

> some of the fonts displayed are so small that they are illegible.  i
> have up'ed the sizes in edit/preferences/appearance/fonts (which
> helps with some displays) but not with others... like gw2k for
> instance.
> also some of the fonts are poorly rendered, leading me to think that
> there are some other fonts out there i could use..

Why not use the fonts that comes with gs 4.xx and 5.xx?

Symlink the *.pfb and *.afm into a directory like
/usr/lib/X11/fonts/urw, create a fonts.alias and fonts.dir file and
add this directory to your fontpath.  Make sure, that the bitmap fonts
are left unscaled (using the :unscaled word after a directory) and put
the new directory at the end.

Email me for more details.


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