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Re: smail (again..... sheesh..)

I wrote:
> I have one [a valid hostname].  It just makes things worse, since it isn't
> in my isp's domain.

Michael Beattie writes:
> I gather you mean a valid domain as in being in the DNS?


> hehe.... not my ISP, they are so slack that billing sometimes get
> completly screwed up...

BrightNet is pretty slack too: they can't even get their clocks set right.
Nonetheless, they upgraded sendmail.

> True, but I meant in the situation that with visible_name set to my ISP,
> I would not have to use a smarthost for spam-rejecting sites,...

smart_host has to do with outgoing mail.  So far as I know it has no
relevance to spam.

> ...as it would appear you are masquerading as your ISP,

smart_host just hands off delivery to the smarthost so that their
well-connected machine can do the address lookup, delivery, retries, etc.
The message still goes out with your address.

> ..And using a smarthost, visible_name could be set to your machine's
> name.

The reverse.  If you don't use smart_host you will be delivering every
message directly to the addressed host.  If your address resolves they will
accept the message.  Many will accept it even if the address doesn't
resolve.  When you use smart_host, though, you are asking your ISP to relay
for you.  This causes them to suspect that you might be a spammer, so they
may refuse the message unless the MAIL FROM: address is within their

I can get mail delivered to addresses in win.bright.net with a MAIL FROM:
of <fo@glurg.blorg>, but if the destination is outside their domain it has
to say <somebody@win.bright.net>.
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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