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Re: LI instead of LILO:

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, C.J.LAWSON wrote:

> I have had this problem before and I almost died of fustration before I
> fixed ... as with most things the solution was pretty simple. For a start
> try using a minimal lilo and requesting the bios to auto detect the hdd at
> boot up. If this fails then do the same thing (auto detect) but specify 
> large, LBA and then normal, in turn ... Large did the trick for me if I
> can remember correctly

I reinstalled about 4 times and then I saw your email and the user.tex for
lilo and it suddenly clicked that you may be right and you were truly
right. I set my drive from normal to AUTO and everything works. The system
works beautifully now.

This info needs to go on the FAQ of LILO. I wonder how many people gave up
just because of this. 
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