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Re: Printer sharing

>   I'd like to know how to share my printer that is connected to
>   my linux box to other PCs that run Windows/NT on the network.

I'm not sure if this will work with NT machines, but here goes anyway :).

In order to allow a UN*X machine to accept print requests from a remote
machine, you will have to edit your /etc/hosts.lpd file (create one if it
doesn't exist), and add the names (full domain included!) of the hosts you
want to have access to your Linux box's printer.  After that, add the
names of those remote machines to your /etc/hosts file.  Make sure 
the local machine hostname is in the hosts.lpd file, too. Otherwise, you
may not be able to print from your Linux box.  Finally, restart your lpd
daemon. I know that this works for UN*X to UN*X printing.  I really have
no idea if it will work with NT to UN*X printing.


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