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Re: Lee: Re: smail Solution for Dynamic IP's

John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:
> I've found that it is sufficient to set visible_name to the host part of my
> popmail address.  That is, my email address at BrightNet is
> jghasler@win.bright.net so I put visible_name=win.bright.net in
> smail/config. This gets my mail out past their anti-spam-relay rules, but
> with an invalid envelope address such as john@win.bright.net.  If I could
> just find a way to put jghasler on there instead of the "correct" username,
> I be home free.

     I compose mail in emacs, and have the following in my .emacs:
          (setq user-mail-address "hilliard@metrolink.net")

     Apparently emacs sends the mail to smail with this address and
the "real name" from /etc/passwd, so my mail headers show:
          From: Bob Hilliard <hilliard@metrolink.net>

     It should be possible to make any other MUA put a proper From:
field in the mail they send to smail.

     I had difficulty for a long time getting the return_path_field
correct.  My mail address is 'hilliard', but my user account on my
machine is bob.  For a long time my return_path_field went out as
"<bob@metrolink.net>", which isn't a valid address.  I now have the
following in my /etc/smail/config:
     return_path_field= "Return-Path: <hilliard@metrolink.net>"
This return path shows up regardless of what user name I use on my


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