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Re: Lee: Re: smail Solution for Dynamic IP's

lee.bradshaw@mindspring.com (Lee Bradshaw) writes:

> Well thanks to help from Art, Carey, Daniel, and Martin I think we have
> the problem narrowed down to the envelope sender (MAIL FROM: in the
> SMTP dialog).  If I connect to the mail server with telnet as Carey
> suggested, everything is fine.  Netscape also has no problem generating
> mail with the correct headers.  Is there a way to get smail to use the
> From: line as the MAIL FROM: line?

Short answer: no.
This is one of the many reasons I think a new mailer is needed for
dailup addresses.

However, if smail is handed a from address (either by the SMTP "MAIL
FROM:" command or by the "-f" or "-r" option to the senmail command),
smail will use that address.  Therefore it may be perfectly possible
to convince your MUA to hand smail a from address.

One thing I'm also doing is rewriting my smail config file each time
ppp goes up so that my visible_name is set to the current value
(e.g. ppp75.hcf.jhu.edu); this value is also stored in /etc/mailname.

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