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Re: Lee: Re: smail Solution for Dynamic IP's


Well thanks to help from Art, Carey, Daniel, and Martin I think we have
the problem narrowed down to the envelope sender (MAIL FROM: in the
SMTP dialog).  If I connect to the mail server with telnet as Carey
suggested, everything is fine.  Netscape also has no problem generating
mail with the correct headers.  Is there a way to get smail to use the
From: line as the MAIL FROM: line?

I'm having problems with sites rejecting my mail because of these
headers.  My own isp rejects my mail to their smart host because of this
envelope problem.  Is smail really a good choice for the default MTA?
As more sites implement anti-spam features I imagine new linux users
could become very frustrated when their mail doesn't work as well as it
does on win95.  qmail looks like it handles this problem (according to
Carey and the first couple questions in the qmail FAQ.)  But new users
may ignore software they have to compile.

Lee Bradshaw                 lee.bradshaw@mindspring.com (preferred)
Next Level Communications    bradshaw@nlc.com

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