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StarOffice install problem

I have decided to swallow my pride and ask for help.  Man, do I feel
stupid.  Ok this is what happened.  I installed StarOffice 4.0.  I wanted
to do a network install.  That is, I wanted to install the whole thing
into /usr/local/bin/StarOffice.  Then let individual users, which is
really only me on my practice network, do the 11mg network install to
their home directorys.  Well the setup script would not run as root so I
logged in as regular usr.  Then the install went ok except that I forgot
to change the default install directory from /home/tom/Staroffice to
/usr/local/bin/StarOffice so it installed to the wrong directory.  Anyway
I decided to do the 11mg network install anyway to see what the
application looked like, figuring I could change it later.  That I
installed to /home/tom/Starofficeb.  Application worked fine. I used it
for a few weeks but I knew this would not due. You can't keep a major
application in a users directory.  I wanted to do a fresh install.  I then
rm - /home/tom Star* and proceded to rerun the setup script.  This will
not run saying it is having trouble creating /usr/local/bin/StarOffice.  I
suppose that rm did not delete all the necessary files before a reinstall
is possible, or some sort of permissions issue is going on that I don't
understand.  Anyway sorrry for being so verbose, but I want to provide
enough information.  Any help is appreciated. 

By the way,  How do you change partition sizes without reinstalling the
system.  I seem to be wasting a lot of space.  Thank you for anyt help


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