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Re: Lee: Re: smail Solution for Dynamic IP's

kotsya@u.washington.edu (David Stern) writes:

> This may or may not be justification for refusal, I can't say for sure. 
>  My recommendation would be to avoid using potentially problematic 
> fields, of which From (without the colon) seems to definately qualify.

He doesn't add a from (without colon) header. This "from" appearing in the
smail logs (and this is the "from" smail checks) is from the SMTP dialog.
Namely the entry "MAIL FROM:<sender-address> - start transaction from
I think it is also called the envelope (together with the "RCPT TO:").

> > If I set the visible name to mindspring.com, then the from looks like:
> > 
> > from <bradshaw@mindspring.com>
> > 
> > Mindspring inserts a return path:
> > 
> > Return-Path: <bradshaw@mindspring.com>
> > 
> > so my returned mail will go to another user.


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