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Re: Lee: Re: smail Solution for Dynamic IP's

On Sun, 01 Mar 1998 14:34:05 EST, wrote:
> David Stern wrote:
> > I don't understand why a correct header would be rejected.  I'd like to 
> > see some details for the basis to this claim, because I use the same 
> > address style as you and Daniel.  Please tell.
> This is from /var/spool/smail/msglog/...  I broke it into multiple lines
> Xdefer: <alemas@ipa.net> reason: (ERR151) transport smtp: 451
> <bradshaw@freefall.home.bradshaw>... Domain must resolve.
> It is a criminal offense to send unsolicited e-mail to,from,or
> through this server.
> The mail seems to be rejected based on the first line:
> from <bradshaw@freefall.home.bradshaw>
> not:
> From: lee.bradshaw@mindspring.com (Lee Bradshaw)

---------------------------IETF Mailing Draft---------------------------
(1) This header field should         From (not       not standardized
never appear in e-mail being         followed by a   for use in e-mail
sent, and should thus not appear     colon)
in this memo. It is however
included, since people often ask
about it.

"not standardized       Used to mark header fields defined only in RFC
for use in e-mail"      1036 for use in Usenet News. These header
                        fields have no standard meaning when appearing
                        in e-mail, some of them may even be used in
                        different ways by different software. When
                        appearing in e-mail, they should be handled
                        with caution. Note that RFC 1036, although
                        generally used as a de-facto standard for
                        Usenet News, is not an official IETF standard
                        or even on the IETF standards track.

This may or may not be justification for refusal, I can't say for sure. 
 My recommendation would be to avoid using potentially problematic 
fields, of which From (without the colon) seems to definately qualify.

> If I set the visible name to mindspring.com, then the from looks like:
> from <bradshaw@mindspring.com>
> Mindspring inserts a return path:
> Return-Path: <bradshaw@mindspring.com>
> so my returned mail will go to another user.

Regarding lee.bradswhaw going to bradshaw, I thought I read that a dot 
in this field was not standard and that it "may" be rewritten "if 
necessary", however I cannot find that now.  Again, my impression is 
that this qualifies as a potentially problematic field entry, and it 
would be best to avoid the dot.

I'm not an authority in this matter, I'm just calling it like I see it.
David Stern                          

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