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Re: lprng

On 22 Feb, Ralph Winslow wrote:

> Thanks for the tip, Corey - I ran checkpc -f and can now print 
> simple text (the lpd directory was owned by root, rather than 
> lp & the bj10sx directory which hadn't existed is now in place)
> but printing a page from netscape or that page saved to a file
> from the command line still fails.   Running lpstat shows:

I'm using magicfilter with my BJ10sx, using the BJ10e option in

Netscape prints great.

#	@(#)etc.printcap	5.2 (Berkeley) 5/5/88
# > This file was generated by /usr/sbin/magicfilterconfig. <
lp|bj|bj10sx|Canon BJ10:\

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