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Re: modconf & whiptail

Paul McDermott <paul@experimental.braille.uwo.ca> writes:

> Hello everyone, I am trying to install modconf but it depends on
> whiptail.  Whiptail is not a package.  I installed newt0.20 (gave me
> /usr/bin/whiptail) but that did not help.  There has been discussion
> abot this topic but no one really knows what to do about this
> situation.  There was a possible responce to this and that was to
> get the latest modconf & whiptail from the incoming.  My question is
> this how do I get to the incoming directory?  Does anyone have any
> ideas in this particular situation.

Whiptail was installed into the archive yesterday; if it's not on your
local mirror yet, it will be soon.


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