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Re: kcore

"Ian Perry" wrote:
  >I have heard it said that unix works entirely on files.  It always baffled
  >me to hear that, being a hardware engineer, and writing mostly in low level
  >assemblers.  Now I think I understand what what meant, and that all tasks
  >are created as a 'file' and are acted on accordingly, hence the /dev
  >directory and the /proc directory.  Am I correct in assuming this ?

Yes.  All kinds of things are presented as files, even though they aren't
really.  (Even `tasks': every live process has a directory under /proc
which contains `files' with information about the running process.)

Originally it was just devices like printers, disks, tapes and memory.
With the /proc filesystem, you also have things like lists of interrupts
and network parameters.  All these things are presented as files, so that
you can use routines like open() on them.

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