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Re: More BASH questions

On Mon, 16 Feb 1998, Fulgham, Brent/SCO wrote:

> Can anyone tell me if there is a way to generate "screen dumps" of bash
> sessions?
> For example, let's say I have a test-mode application that asks for some
> input and then outputs something in response.  Is there a way to have
> this whole exchange dumped to the printer, so that both the program
> output and my manual input are copied to the printer?  This would be
> similar to the "screen dump" capability of DOS.

Look at the bash manpage, especially the section about i/o redirection.
This may be a bit difficult for starters though.

Or look at "tee" which is in package "shellutils". tee lets you redirect
output from a process to a file, a printer, a terminal or whatever else
unix thinks is a file.

Or look at "script", which is in "bsdutils" and will save both input and
output to a file.

Script is probably the easiest. Just type "script", do you thing and when
you're finished, type "exit" (or hit Ctrl-D) and you'll find the session
transcript in a file called "typescript" (can change that with options.)
Then you can look at that file and optionally edit it before printing it.



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