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Re: Using hamm? READ THIS about /usr/spool and related links...

On 10 Feb 1998, Norris Preyer wrote:

> All this is cool, I just couldn't figure out which package removed
> the link, so I wasn't sure which package to file a bug against.

The package that removed the link is fine. It is the packages that try to
use the link that bugs should be reported against. In other words,
packages shouldn't use the link, but should refer directly to /var/spool.
If you find a package that tries to use the link and fails (because the
new base-files removed it), please file a bug report against that package
(and then if you need to use the buggy package, just create the soft-link

Santiago: Will further future upgrades of base-files again remove the
link? I would think that would be a good thing as it will root out buggy

Cheers, Colin.

Colin Telmer, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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