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Problems with CD-ROM by installing Debian.Linux

I want to install Debian.Linux from my MITSUMI FX001D CD-ROM with an own
controller-card on the isa bus. From the DRIVER-DISK, i created, i have used
the -mcdx MITSUMI-driver.

 mcdx (MITSUMI CD-ROM) installed at 0x300,irq11 (FIRMWARE version D2)

cd /dev && rm -f cdrom && in -s mcdx0 cdrom

Installation succeeded

 If i want to install the base from cd-rom linux told me to install
cd-rom-driver. I answerd done from the modules of the driver-disk without
installing them again. By the try to read from cd the following Error-warning

mount:/dev/cdrom: can`t read superblock

The CD-ROM was not mounted successfully!

 After the 20th try to install debian.Linux i`m destroyed and i think i need
every help i can get. I use a VLB-I/O-Card and the secundary port is free, but
i don`t know if that works together?????? Thank You very much for Your help
under my e-mail-adress:


 With kind regards


PS.: thank god now readable :-)))

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