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Re: I want to install Linux?


On Wed, Feb 04, 1998 at 11:10:46PM -0800, Nagmier G. Quinton wrote:
> I want to install Linux and I really like the Debian distro. but my
> prolem is this, I need to download the disks (not really a problem) but
> once I get the ase system installed I would really appreciate any help
> that can get me hooked up to my isp and setting up XFree86 because the
> closest I've ever gotten to a really "functional" Linux system is DOS
> and the little playing around with my shell account from my ISP.

Well, DOS is *far* away from Linux, but it also has a cursor ;)
The unix shell account is very near to Linux, though.

We are all serious here about Debian GNU/Linux, so why don't you join us?

Install the base system as you said, and then come back again to this list
with your questions and some more specific details (e.g. what hardware you
have, how you can connect to your ISP [PPP for example]).

Then here are many people who can help you.

> I am
> very serious about this and I am very curious, I may sound stupid but
> I've only seen some pictures of XFree86 that was heavily modded and I
> want to run it to compare it to Win95 (SUCKS, but it runs my software,
> right?) and NT.                 Aaron Buckner

If you rely on Windows95 software, then you should try to get a spare hard
disc (or a partition of your current hard disk). "fips" can split your hard
disk in two parts, making space for linux (only for no fat32 ? I'm not sure).

I use windows only for sound software. For the rest, I use linux. YMMV.


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