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Super-dooper config utils (was Which Linux distribution)

[GUI admin stuff snipped]

> Webmin and Linuxconf has the same idea. Maybe we could tinker with it and
> start from there.

I'd like to see more scripts like my Debian sendmailconfig script. Not
only does it ask you the correct questions but it is a great source of
information for understanding sendmail and script writing.

A collection of configuration scripts with a list of their names/functions
as part of the default MOTD would be a great help to new users, especially
as it takes them a while to figure out how to disable the MOTD :-)

Of course this is all very well for me to say as a non-contributor. I
think the people who put together the Deb packages do a great job and the
day that I understand enough, I'll do what I can to assist.

John Spence <jspence@lynx.net.au>  http://www.lynx.net.au/~jspence

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