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Re: UPS again

> Like a dummy, I bought a UPS without bothering to check if genpowerd
> supports it (I don't think it does).  But before taking it back (I
> believe I have a week to do so and it's real stormy now, so I'm glad
> to have it anyway), I wanted to ask if anyone knew if I could do
> anything with it.
> I bought a MinuteMan 280 Pro UPS.  It looks like it has "smart"
> features but does not come with a cable or software.  It is made by
> Para Systems.  Is there any Linux software that'll talk to this beast?

As far as I know, the only package that supports any kind of smart signalling
is the "apcd" package (for APC systems, of course).

If your UPS has a dumb-signalling mode, then you can probably build a cable
that genpower can drive.  Beyond that, though, I can't help you.

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