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Re: E-mail server setup

eugene mendoza writes:
> I'm trying to setup a email server on linux box which
> has sendmail ver 8.6.12.
> I've a subdomain of my own.
> What is the simplest way of doing this?
> The email will be stored on the linux server
> which will also be a name server and provide other
> services.
> Much Obliged.
> Best Regards,
> Eugene 

I'm not exactly sure of what you have in mind when you state that you want to
"setup an email server", however, if you mean distribution of email, sendmail
should be sufficient to do the job. The capabilities of the "procmail" package
might be what you have in mind. If you mean an email list server, several 
packages are available: majordomo (which I use), berolist, and smartlist.
Hopefully this will help you! Adios!

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