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Subtle X-server problem

I 'd like to know if anyone else has encountered this problem 
and has found a work around. If I run gdb and mess aroundin the 
help menu long enough the x-server locks up in such a manner that you can't cntrl-alt-BS out, change consoles or anything nd your onlu
option is to turn the computer on or off.  This can also happen
when I use a certain memory hogging scientific program that I would
dearly like to use.  Under all other circumstances it seems to be working
fine. I'm using debian 1.3, the S3 X server. My graphics card is
a diamond graphics 2000 with the 86C764 (TRIO64) chip. I have 96 MB RAM
with a 128 MB swap space. I don't think its hardware. I changed all the 
memory chips recently - no change in behaviour. I don't have this 
problem with a similar machine that has a cirrus chip video card.
Tom Irving

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