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Re: Lyx, StarOffice, & word [was Re: Win95 and Linux:

> It was with interest that I read Richard E. Hawkins Esq.'s comments about
> Lynx and StarOffice.

> I have tried Lyx a few times since I began using Linux about 2 years ago
> and every time gave up on it because I could not find documentation gave
> answers to a lot of questions on how to use it.

> I do not know for example how to produce text in Lyx like "môre reën dit".
> Doing it using Emacs and Latex is easy and I know one is supposed to be
> able to do it in Lyx even using Latex functions, but so far I could not
> find clear explanations on how to do it or how to use Latex functions in
> Lyx.

> When I try to read the FAQ, it ends after a few pages with the remark: 

> The remainder of the document is Incomplete.

> I was wandering whether anyone could use Lyx for anything serious.  Are
> there proper documentation somewhere?

As of a couple of months ago, the documentation was massively replaced.  

And failing that, I'd simply ask the questions first on the user mailing list, 
and, if that fails, on the developers list.

For that matter, there's a couple of features in it that got added when I 
raised them on the developers list.

Anyway, the documentation for accents is now there, and I think it uses dead 
keys.  Since I only write in english, I really haven't looked.


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