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Re: why is the digest list all chopped up

Henry Hollenberg <speed@barney.iamerica.net> writes:

> I am trying to subscribe to the Debian users list in diogest form
> but it's coming to me all chopped up in a bunch of attachments.
> Can I get it as one long email like other "digests"... 

This format is called MIME (RFC 1341) digest format. Actually it has quite
some advantages. A good mailreader like gnus can split it automaticaly in
idividual messages (in a seperate folder) or you can use procmail to split

>From one example in the procmail docs:

# The next recipe will split up Digests into their individual messages.
# Don't do this if you use a global lockfile before this recipe (deadlock)

* ^Subject:.*Digest
|formail +1 -d -s procmail

LOGFILE=$MAILDIR/from           # Put it here, in order to avoid logging
                                # the arrival of the digest.

# An alternative and probably more efficient solution to splitting up a digest
# would be (only works for standard format mailbox files though):

* ^Subject:.*Other Digest
|formail +1 -ds cat >>this_lists_mailbox        

But I don't know for sure if that works, as I never used any digest.


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