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Re: Lyx, StarOffice, & word [was Re: Win95 and Linux:

Johann Spies wrote:
  >I have tried Lyx a few times since I began using Linux about 2 years ago
  >and every time gave up on it because I could not find documentation gave
  >answers to a lot of questions on how to use it.

The documentation in later versions is a lot better, though still
incomplete.  A Debian package of the new 0.12 version has just been
  >I do not know for example how to produce text in Lyx like "môre reën dit".
  >Doing it using Emacs and Latex is easy and I know one is supposed to be
  >able to do it in Lyx even using Latex functions, but so far I could not
  >find clear explanations on how to do it or how to use Latex functions in

Type the LaTeX sequence in TeX mode (toggle the TeX button on the toolbar).
You can also select a sequence and click on TeX to put it into TeX mode.
TeX sequences show in red on the screen.

  >I was wandering whether anyone could use Lyx for anything serious.  Are
  >there proper documentation somewhere?

I think people are using it for theses.  I use it for correspondence and
my company accounts.

If you need help that the documentation doesn't give, subscribe to the LyX
users' mailing list.

The message address is lyx-users@fiwi02.wiwi.uni-tuebingen.de; I can't
remember the subscription request address, but it's in the documentation

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