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Re: a MANPATH problem

I have two possible solutions for the X problem. Lately I have been using 
only the ssh version:

1. Su and $XAUTHORITY environment variable
% echo $DISPLAY
% su - root
<type root password>
# export DISPLAY=:0
# export XAUTHORITY=~hessu/.Xauthority
# xterm &

2. Using ssh not su
% ssh -l root localhost
<type root password>
# xterm &

As you can see, ssh takes care of DISPLAY variable and setting the magic 
cookie for xauth based authorization. You can get ssh from the non-US debian 
mirrors. See README.non-US in any of the debian mirrors for more info about 
the non-US mirror site locations.

I have also had problems with xman not seeing all the man pages. Here is a 
small wrapper script I made to get rid of the problem:

export MANPATH
exec xman $*

// Heikki

Heikki Vatiainen                  * hessu@cs.tut.fi
Tampere University of Technology  * Tampere, Finland

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