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dselect seg fault after dpkg upgrades

I have been working lately on upgrading to hamm.  In an effort to fix a
problem with dpkg-ftp, I upgraded to the following packages:


But now when I try to run dselect I get a segmentation fault.  This is
perhaps not too surprising, considering that I havn't (to my knowledge) 
upgraded dselect since before making the jump to libc6, whereas the new
dpkg (which mayby is called by exec* or something?) probably uses libc6. 
The next obvious thing to try was upgrading via dpkg to the latest version
of dselect, but I couldn't find it.  Does it go by an odd name or live
somewhere other than the obvious /debian/hamm/hamm/binary-i386/base?
Mayby you need diety with hamm?  Any ideas greatly appreciated.


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