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Re: More on boot/mount

In article <34D8817A.533B34D4@rhombus.net>, T-SNAKE <tsnake@rhombus.net> wrote:
>I asked:
>How do you mount all the drives/partitions at boot time without having to
>actually type in the mount -t msdos /.... command?
>And the responce (thanks) was to add entries to the fstab file. Well, I did
>this and when I rebooted, i wasn't able to perform many commands. It was like
>root and other accounts had a messed up path. I could ls and shutdown, but I
>couldn't man or dselect. I took the mounting lines out and that fixed it back
>to normal. Why would that be?

That means you messed up your /etc/fstab. Probably /usr wasn't mounted
anymore. You have to be careful and use the right syntax in these files.

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