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Re: Problems with dual boot NT/linux

> >Yes, I encouneterd something similar also. The reason I was unable to
> boot
> >NT was simple - somehow the bootable flag for /dev/sda1 partition was
> >erased. And the worse thing that after restoring it with linux fdisk,
> >I got another message: "invalid partition table". The fix was to make
> NT
> >(or DOS) to run it's own fdisk to resrtre the flag correctly.
> >fdisk /mbr does nothing, 'cause MBR is OK! try just starting fdisk
> >in dos and exit without chnaging anything.
> I tried that and it tells me :
> "Error reading fixed disk"
> But I still can read data on drive C: under DOS !!
> I also tried to toggle the bootable flag with linux fdisk and then try
> to launch dos fdisk again but it did the same : "Error reading fixed
> disk"
> Do you have an idear ?

The point here is  to start the "fdisk" of NT. I am no NT expert so I end
up reinstalling it...

Alex Y.

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