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Help with a postgreSQL-query


I am using pygresql as an interface to postgres.  I want to get a list of
people who's birthday it is today.  Which is the best way to do it.  The
following code works, but it is very slow and does 101 queries.

Is there a way to put this into a single query?

If I would like to know which people was born on say the 15th of any
month, how can I query that without having to send 12*100 queries to

from pgext import *
from pgtools import *
from time import time
def bidlys(pgcnx):
    t = time.time()
    jaar, maand, dag = time.localtime(t)[0:3]
    datumlys = []
    for i in range(jaar-100,jaar+1):
	datum =  '%02d.%02d' + '.%02d'
	dat = datum%(dag,maand,i)
    veldlys = ['noemnaam', 'van', 'geboortedatum', 'adres1']
    lys = []
    for d in datumlys:
	s = """SELECT noemnaam, van, geboortedatum, adres1 from lidmate, besoekpunt
           where (besoekpunt.nommer = bpnommer and geboortedatum = '%s')"""%d
	bidvir = pgcnx.query(s)
	if not bidvir.getresult() == []:
	   for item in bidvir.getresult():
cnx = connect()
wys = bidlys(cnx)

Johann Spies

Windsorlaan 19
Suid Afrika (South Africa)
Tel/Faks Nr. +27 331-46-1310

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