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StarOffice in hamm


After (sucessfull) attempt to install useing hamm disks and installing a
large number of packages over ftp I found impossible to use StarOffice.

Regardless of whether I use static or dynamic version, installer or
without, running "setup" always gives me segmentation fault.
Running inside gdb says that it happens in rindex().
Is it anything known? 

Another thing - in the staroffice postinst script,
checking for motif is a little bit not working: after reading
/etc/ld.so.config into array, it would be better to chop the array first
before trying to concatenate with "/libXm.so.2".


Alex Y.
 _( )_
(     (o___           +-------------------------------------------+
 |      _ 7           |            Alexander Yukhimets            |
  \    (")            |       http://pages.nyu.edu/~aqy6633/      |
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