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Re: www.lsl.com and debian

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, A. M. Varon wrote:

> [Sorry for the offtopic theme.]
> Has anyone ordered from www.lsl.com for a Debian cd? can someone give me
> an e-mail address that could help me?
> I have ordered a Debian CD and o'reilly book from www.lsl.com, but after
> 3 MONTHS, the goods are nowhere in sight. Repeat, 3 MONTHS. I have already
> paid my dues to them, btw. 
> 3 Servers are waiting to be installed with Debian. But because of the
> delay, I was forced to install Redhat instead. :( 

FWIW, I've had very good experiences with LSL.  I think there is an email
link somewhere on their web site.

Bob Nielsen                     Internet: nielsen@primenet.com
Tucson, AZ                      AMPRnet: w6swe@01.w6swe.ampr.org

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