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RE: Win95 and Linux: Was: Verified Re: Unidentified subject!

If you search for "loadlin" and "win95" you'll find several ways to 
dual-boot. I actually found a loadlin-win95 package that gives me a cute 
"Linux95" icon for Win95 and boots into Debian. (Still have it at home - 
I'll search again and re-post the URL and exact filename.)

There are a whole suite of tools I'd need to be running on the linux
side before I could make that switch. For example, I'd need to be
running ppp and Navigator and Navigator's email before I'd consider
dropping Win95. For another thing, I'd need a Word-like word processor
and access to both the SCSI ZIP drive and the Cannon Bubble Jet 4300
printer (the latter for resumes for both the wife and me) before I'd
give up win95. The list goes on.... :)

> >Thus, I'm about to resize the Win95 partition
> >back to the full drive and forget trying linux, but I'd really rather
> >keep trying, but two items I need to be sure of: bootability of the
> >win95 partition and
> Ive done that b4...for starters kill the linux partition and try again.

Just yesterday I decided to try the loadlin route and when it got done,
I had a bunch of garbage added to my autoexec.bat so that it
automatically went into loadlin every time I booted. In addition,
because of the presence of the ZIP drive, I discovered that somewhere in
the guts of Win95 there is a call to the Iomega guest program and it
hangs there and never does make it into the DOS command prompt. That was
the first time I'd tried to boot into DOS after I installed the ZIP
drive. Didn't know I couldn't do that anymore.

Too bad Loadlin doesn't run as a Windows application. I can set up a DOS
boot diskette, but that sure seems gruesome and a last resort.

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