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Re: HOW? Xwindows Clients

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, Chris wrote:

> Hi,
> I am running a debian server and several debian workstations, and I would
> like to set the workstations up to connect to the server via XMCPD(??).
> Basically I do not want users to have access to the individual workstation
> (nor have an account on it), but for all the logins (via xdm) to be done
> on the server, and for all xwindows programs (ie xterm) to be also run on
> the server, with the workstation simply displaying everything...

The server needs to be setup to run xdm for either all hosts
(nothing in Xaccess) or a list of hosts (in Xaccess).  The
server side of this is explained in the xdm man page and the
mini-howto Xterminals (section 4).  The latter is in

Then the linux PC's intened to be the xdm clients just need
to have X configured (there's a HOWTO in /usr/doc/HOWTO that
tells how to do that).  This needs to be done as though they
were to run a "local" X session even if they won't.  Once
they're configured, just type (as per the man page for

X -query <hostname>


X -broadcast

Does anyone know why debian doesn't have a man page for X?
This drove me nuts until I found the Xserver man page.

> I have seen this done before, but I can't figure out how to make the
> connection....can anyone help??

Let me know if you need more specific details, but please
give the on-line docs a shot first.

Good luck.


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Richard G. Roberto

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