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Re: system crashes

On Fri, 30 Jan 1998 kjm@phast.umass.edu wrote:

> I am a relatively new user of Debian Linux, and am trying to determine the
> cause of a couple crashes that have occured during the past month.  I am
> running Debian version 1.3 on a dual-processor Pentium II machine.  On two
> occasions the screen froze up and I could not login remotely to
> investigate the problem, so I had to reset.  Can any one give me some
> suggestions on how to begin tracking down the cause?
> Thank you very much,
Without further info it is hard to tell what is wrong. It could be RAM or
some hardware conflicts. One way to test memory is to compile the kernel
several times. It it crashes while just on with nothing running it could
be hardware setup. What was running when it crashed? etc. 

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