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Re: Win95 and Linux: Was: Verified Re: Unidentified subject!

"David E. Scott" <DaveScott@1000islands.com> writes:

> 	I was able to set up Boot Manager such that when I showed the partition
> table, the fat15 partition was listed as drive c:, even when I was
> running Partition Magic out of the fat32/Win95 partition!! Very curious!

Hmm.  I added OS/2 to the mix on my PC (which is where Boot Manager
came from) so I don't really know what Partition Magic and Boot
Manager do with primary partitions.  It just works OK for me.


> > Once you have Linux installed using the boot floppy you can read the
> > LILO docs.  In a similar situation, I installed the LILO boot record
> > onto the Linux partition (/dev/hda5?), then pointed Boot Manager at
> > it.
> Then once the LILO boot record is set up in the linux partition, is it a
> safe assumption that I'll be able to dump the boot floppy?

Once it's installed and working, of course.  ;-)  But the boot floppy
would still be useful to keep around in case you recompile the kernel
and don't run lilo afterwards.  Speaking from experience.

> Another potential problem relates to the fact that my Win95 partition is
> 2.5 GIG (shrunk down from 5GIG when I installed Partition Magic). The
> Partition Magic docs said the Boot Manager had to be located within the
> first Gig, I think.

If the BIOS and hard drive use LBA, you _might_ not need to.  (If DOS
FDISK sees the whole HD without you doing anything special, this is
probably the case.)  I created a partition just for /boot that was
within these limits anyway.  This can be a very small partition.

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