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Re: X-Windows questions

Markus Lechner <Markus.Lechner@munich.netsurf.de> writes:

> Why i want to run many X-Sessions?
> It's just an old habbit - i loved the Amiga for it's WorkBench and Command-Line
> Interface. So i want to configure Linux in the same way. Actually i'll need a
> little more RAM for this.

You got the answer before: nearly any windowmanager offers virtual desks
using _one_ Xserver. So you can easily have multiple desks. 16MB are
sufficant for doing this, but you can never have enough (just in case you
want to start netscape4 and xemacs).

> Bingo. The watchdog reboots my system.
> But what kind of multitasking is this, when a process is able to 'slow down' other
> processes in a way that the watchdog isn't able to do what he has to and other
> things like redraw the display works. Strange priority settings, i think... :-)

Actually, this is a feature, and you should be glad for the demonstartion
the watchdog gave you :-) By the way, the watchdog *was* able to do what
he has to. He did restart your system, didn't he. This is his purpose, if
he detects a "systemoverload" (lets call it that way).

This whole prozess has nothing to do with multitasking but with your
hardware. If you start 100 prozesses each using 1 MB of data, then linux
can handle this well. It is your lack of RAM and the slowness of a
harddisk which slows *everything* down as the kernel has to do *lots* of

Without the watchdog, you could kill the prozesses and everything would be
OK again.

This "systemoverload" could also happen due to a deny-of-service
attack. And in this case the watchdog will bring the system to a sane
state by doing a clean shutdown and a reboot. Or do you want to watch your
server (if you had one) 24h/7days a week?


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