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Re: where is it?

> Now that two people gave the same advice, I'm going to
> dissent.  The instructions in install.txt are adequate if
> you have Debian on CDROM.  Not if you download to disk
> yourself.  I downloaded what I believed was an accurate copy of
> ftp.cdrom.com:/pub/linux/debian/bo onto a spare hard
> drive and mounted it on the machine being installed.
> But I could never find an answer that would satisfy the
> ambiguous prompt that wants to know where to find the "Debian distribution"
> already mounted.
> (Is there a missing top level directory?  What's its name?)

You probably should have entered debian/bo/disks-i386/current.  The script 
jusst looks for a directory that contains all the files needed for the initial 
setup, and they all come from disks-i386

> I installed from CD ROM later with no problems.
> Install.txt glosses over this, I suppose because
> most people are installing from the CD or over the network.
> I don't know how to fix it or I would have sent in a patch.
> For now, we shouldn't be telling newcomers to Linux that
> install.txt is all the info they'll need to install Debian.
> The ones who try to download it may be disappointed.

Well, install.txt has its shortcomings, and that's why I have taken over the 
maintenance of it.  However, I haven't done work on it yet, because I was told 
the new bootdisks are completely redone, and I decided to wait for their 
release.  Of course, this means  that the bo install.txt will never get 
improved, but I don't see much sense in doing it at this point.

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