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Using obsolete Laser printers with Debian

Hi all:

I have recently acquired two obsolete laser printers which were destined
for the garbage dump.  I would like to use one or both of them with my
Debian system, but I'm having some problems.

The first one is an HP LaserJet Plus (500K memory) with serial and 
parallel interfaces.  It works well (parallel) under DOS and windows. 
In Linux I can print ascii text, but not post-script.  I am using
Magicfilter and Aladdin-Ghostscript, but when I send a postscript
document to the printer it justs hangs.  A log file says "25% done...50%
done..." etc. "lpq" says the document is in the queue, then a little
later it says the queue is empty.  But the printer remains silent.  Does
anyone have any suggestions for me?  How about a printcap entry that has
actually worked?

The second printer is an AppleWriter 1Plus (this is a postscript
printer) with serial and AppleTalk interfaces.  The printer self-test
works flawlessly, but I have not been able to get it to print anything
in any operating system (using serial; I don't have AppleTalk, nor know
how to use it).  DOS, Windows, Debian  ---  all meet with silence on the
part of the printer.  I would welcome suggestions, printcap entries,

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

		Sherm Ostrowsky

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