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Re: Debian and Windoze 95

"David E. Scott" <DaveScott@1000islands.com> writes:

> Sten Anderson wrote:
> > 
> > I disagree. Loadlin is perfect in this case. ...
> Sten,
> 	Does this mean that Loadlin can boot linux when it's in another
> partition? 


In this case, you will copy the kernel to the DOS/Win partition, and
use a command like:

c:\loadlin\loadlin.exe c:\loadlin\vmlinuz root=/dev/hdb3 ro vga=7 

> I had thought its main use was to allow Linux to boot from a
> dos subdirectory /linux. 

Only in the sense thast the kernel must reside on a dos partition. The 
rest of Linux can reside anywhere else.

> In my case, running Win95B with FAT32, I
> understand Linux would not support running in that file system. Am I
> incorrect?

Linux cannot run in FAT32, nor can it read or write FAT32 (at least
not without a patch). But Linux in an ext2fs partition can be booted
by Loadlin in a FAT32 partition (if you copy the kernel to that
partition - perhaps via a floppy).

- Sten Anderson

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