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X-Windows questions

Here are many Questions about X-Windows:

I read somewhere that an Window-Manager in the style of the Amiga-OS is
available somewhere. Does somebody use this one, know whether the
Package is
stable and know where to find it (if stable and maintained)?

What other Window-Managers are available?
Which of them are not beta?
Which of them are how stable?
Whats the thing with those color-tables (Afterstep needs a lower
resolution than fvwm with the same
amount of colors, right)?

X sometimes closes (whithout any coredump nor any error) when switching
another terminal to the X-Display (this happens with other distributions
as well
- but my SDRAM seems to be ok).
And when i open many pictures under X-Windows, it sometimes happens
(during excessive swaping) that the computer does a hard-reset.

Ctrl-Alt-Fx is neccessary to switch back from X to another terminal and
can only be used when switching between text-terminals. Why?

When using kdm instead of xdm i can't login. After login, the kdm
login-screen shows up again and again.
(I started kdm in the file /etc/X11/config instead of xdm)

After compiling the kernel (v2.0.29 or v2.0.30) i had to accept that X
start up (only black screen, sometimes a beep and no signal - my monitor

switches off after a few seconds). Since i use the Kernelv2.0.32 this
problem vanquished.

I'd like to run X-Windows on almost every Terminal (except the first
one) on my Computer.
How to configure the system (or what do i need to know for that case) to
up a xdm/kdm login on every terminal except the first? How to configure
system to use APM-Energy saving cappabilities? (APM work's, when leaving
a normal Text-Terminal unused, but not in X)

It would be great to hear some answers, because my time is limited and
already a bit groggy of all the documentation.


Sorry for the html, i dont' want to cause any overheat - so i hope it's
better to remail this message again.

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