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Re: Newbie --Adding Programs To My Debian Base

On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, IBMackey wrote:

> I've been using debian for about 5 weeks. I'm just starting to think
> about adding some programs, not in the packages, to my system. One
> such program came in the form of "program.bin.gz". I figure I can use
> my debian gunzip to get the first part of it unzipped. I have no idea
> what to do with the "program.bin". Any help is sorely appreciated.

first, check to see that the program you want isn't already packaged for
debian. chances are that it is. a debian package will always be better
than a .tar.gz binary.

if it isn't already packaged, enquire on debian-user or debian-devel to
see if someone is working on it. if so, wait until they've released it.
offer to help if you can.

finally, if all else fails, look at the alien package. it can
(sometimes) convert a .tar.gz or redhat .rpm to a .deb.  Read the alien
documentation thoroughly before trying this because alien isn't perfect
and (because of basic differences between the various distributions)
never will be perfect.

alternatively, if you are reasonably comfortable using a compiler and
editing Makefiles etc, download the sources and make your own package.
check the debian docs (/usr/doc/debian and /usr/doc/debian-policy
in particular) for info on developer packaging standards.  Look at
the sources for other debian packages for examples of how to do it.
The "hello" package's sole purpose is to be an example for package


craig sanders

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