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Re: Debian or Redhat or Caldera

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Cox wrote:

> I am a network admin.

I'm a IBM AS/400 programmer and admin

> I used to use Novell.  Then I switched our LAN to NT. (How could I be so
> stupid)  Now that I hate MS and Bill Gates, I am looking at Linux :) 


> It is a new world for me. 

It was a new world for me, too.

> I have looked at debian and decieded to much learning curve.  I
> currently have at home RH 4.? and RH 5.0 and Caldera Base. 

Not more learning than any other linux/unix.

> I need to quit messing around and deciede which to go with.
> So my question is which to learn..............

What should I say? I've choosen Debian GNU/Linux because it's free. And
it's package concept is more sophisticated than any other (rpm, ...).

After learning a bit about using unix as a USER, I have decided, to me a
unix admin too. It was not so difficult. If you know ONE system in deep,
you can learn every system. There are parallels all the time.

It doesn't cost you so much (in Germany, you will get a CD from
J.F.Lehmanns, Berlin for only DM 20,-).

Try it, use it, love it and never leave it.



- Daniel Gross                                     <dg@bingo.baynet.de> -
- Ingolstadt, Germany                                  <dgross@gmx.net> -
- "If Win95 is the answer, it must have been a real foolish question !" -

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