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Re: inetd problems!!!

On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Jan 1998, Christopher Jason Morrone wrote:
> > That was annoying...so I removed that package.  I think that inetd should
> > be reinstated at this point, but the package doesn't do that.  So now I'm
> > without an inetd.  So I use dpkg -S one inetd and see its in the netbase
> > package.  So I removed just that package and then reinstalled it.
> > 
> > For some reason, inetd STILL is no longer being started.  Any ideas?
> Check the following:
>   * Does /usr/sbin/inetd exist?
>   * Does /etc/init.d/netbase exist?
>   * Do you have symbolic links in /etc/rc?/S??netbase to
>     /etc/init.d/netbase?
> If yes to all and still having problems, try starting the daemon by
> hand and see what it says.

Ok.  All of that would be "yes".  And when I just run inetd by hand, it
doesn't say anything, it works perfectly fine.  Maybe I should make sure
it removes all of its config files when I remove netbase, and then install
again.  I think that xinetd did weird things to my init files.

Hmm...everything works great when I start initd by hand, I guess I will
have to purge all of the configs...

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