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I'm currently subscribed to this list, but due to my parents being
divorced I am only here every other week.
I use fetchmail to recieve my mail, and have a cron entry to get my mail
at 10pm and 6am (it's cheaper for international traffic - my e-mail
service is in the USA). I don't really want to bog down my free email
service, esp. since I don't look at most of the posts that were sent while
I'm away, except for replies to my posts or ones that interest me.

What I was wondering (stupid question!) is, what is a digest? I understand
that it is a heap of the messages tied together, but how often is it sent?
Can I set up when they are sent?

Even better, is there a newsfeed I can set my system up to download the
posts from, so I can either recieve all messages every night, and when I'm
here recieve posts whenever I want to, or just point slrn to, so I can
read them whenever I want.
Note sometimes I may be away for up to two weeks, so using slrn direct to
a newsfeed may not be the best if it has a message remove time of less
then 14 days - I'd then use slrnpull? or a news puller to get them.

Thanks for any help,


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