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Re: Trying to fix a mistake in upgrading Netscape...

tim wrote,

> On 15 Jan, Richard E Hawkins Esq wrote:

> > unless something has changed, the only version of netscape which can be 
> > installed by the debian packages is 3.01.

> Nope. Communicator 4.03 installs fine using the netscape deb in hamm. I
> got a similiar message when I first tried using it though because I had
> used the netscape installer as a temporary fix (until I found the deb)
> I manually deleted the netscape dir and the binary/link and all went
> well.

err, I wasn't clear.  The only netscape 3 that can be installed is 3.01.

I haven't even considered 4, after watching it bring a 400mhz, 350meg alpha to its knees . . .

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