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more on 'clean hamm install'


Tonight I had to install a new debian system, and I wanted it to be 
completely 'hamm' from the beginning. Since there are no install disks 
for hamm yet, I decided to do the following (also on recommendation from 
some other folks here on the list):

Install using the 'bo' disks, untill dselect pop op
Then, following the libc5-to-libc6 howto install in order these packages:

I got to here. Here dpkg started complaining that libreadline2 depended 
on libc5. I was very surprised to find out this wasn't installed yet. 
But, I'm clever (at least I thought I was), so I rebooted to win95, 
downloaded libc5, and booted linux again (using a boot-disk).

Got a login-prompt, logged on as root, and got a message from ld.so that 
it couldn't load libreadline.so.2 . Damned. So I rebooted again, booted 
up again using a rescue-disk, and indeed, libreadline.so.2 wasn't 
installed. There were libreadline files in /lib/libc5-compat though, so 
something was unpacked alright.

I tried to install libc5 using dpkg (dpkg --root=/mnt -i libc5....), but 
this failed with an 'unresolved symbol sysinfo'. dpkg --help worked however.

Then I extracted libreadline and libhistory on another linux machine, 
and, using the rescue disk I copied these into place, plus I made the 
correct symlinks.

This didn't help very much. I can try to logon, I get the motd, and then 
back to the login prompt.

So, that's where I'm stuck now. Anybody got an idea what to do next? What 
if I extract the libc.so from the libc5 package and copy that to 
/lib/libc5-compat, would that help?

The only other solution I have is clean-install again, and then to go 
through the dselect stage to install a very minimal number of packages 
(only those marked 'required'?).


ps. aren't there somewhere experimental hamm install disks that I can 'test'?

|     Maarten Boekhold, Faculty of Electrical Engineering TU Delft,   NL    |
|           Computer Architecture and Digital Technique section             |
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