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Re: lilo with multiple kernels/partitions

Tim Ferrell <tjferrell@infoave.net> writes:

> what kind of entry do I need to add to lilo.conf to get lilo to boot
> a alternate kernel located on a Zip disk? I can use a custom boot floppy
> and mount the Zip disk (/dev/sda1) as root but it would be simpler if
> I didn't need the floppy... one less disk to misplace ;-) 

If your BIOS is able to acces the zip drive, you should be able to
treat it as any other drive. Mount the zip drive and insert: 

image=<path>/vmlinuz.alt <---- the new alternative kernel
  root=/dev/sdc7         <---- your root partition   

in lilo.conf 

- Sten Anderson

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