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Re: NTFS driver as modul

On Tue, Jan 13, 1998 at 05:45:00PM +0000, Ian Watkins wrote:
> MM> > I have tried all sorts of things to get around this, what have I m
> MM> > I have not got module versioning installed in the kernel as far as
> MM> ....
> MM> Try to recompile the module under new kernel v33 or insmod it with o
> MM> force:
> MM>     insmod -f ntfs.o
> I did, a number of times <g>
> MM> BTW I've got the same problem, when I've changed kernel...
> MM> Even I don't tour on:
> MM>     Set version information on all symbols for modules
> Weird. Is this a bug perchance?

It's not the ideal fix, but the 2.1.x kernels have much better NTFS support
- even (experimental) write. Try 2.1.78 if you want (or possibly 2.1.79
although there seem to be a few compile problems).


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